A Family Run Dental Practice, Serving the Cheshire and Crewe Community for over 40 years. Offering Family Dentistry, Cosmetic Treatments, Smile Makeovers, Teeth Whitening,  White Patch and Brown Stain Removal, Teeth Straightening (Braces)

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Patient Plan Direct - Helping you spread the cost of your Dental Care 


All our Dental Care Plans Include:


Dental Health Examinations (1 or 2 appointments per year as advised)


To Provide: 


•Clinical examination

•Checking for signs of oral cancer

•Small x-rays where clinically necessary

•Preventative Screening

•Assessment of emergencies and dental pain with any temporary treatment required, carried out at the practice during normal surgery hours.


Hygiene Appointments (as detailed below for each specific plan)


To Provide


•Scale and polish

•Periodontal advice

•Preventive techniques to reduce decay and gum disease.

•Preventative Screening


•20% reduction off any standard laboratory-based treatments required, i.e. crowns and bridges.

•20% reduction off tooth whitening

•20% reduction off any fillings.

•20% reduction off any additional hygiene work.

•20% reduction off oral hygiene products purchased at the surgery.


•Worldwide Trauma Insurance to protect against the cost of large unforeseen accidental damage.

•Emergency Callout Insurance, should you need a dentist in an emergency anywhere in the world.

•Out of hours call out

•Hospital costs

•Mouth Cancer Pay-out

•Redundancy cover


Plan 1: £13.00 per month


Plan includes  


Two Dental Health Examinations & 2 x 20 minute hygiene appointments per year.

Plan 2 : £13.00 per month


Plan includes:


One Dental Health Examination & 3 x 20 minute hygiene appointments per year.

Plan 3: £25.00 per month


Plan includes:


Two dental health examinations & 4 (30 minute) hygiene appointments per year

Hygienist Only Plan £8.00 per month 


Plan includes:


Two 30 min hygiene appointments per year


worldwide-ae-insurance policy


worldwide-ae-insurance-enhanced-implant Policy

Many of our regular patients choose to join one of our dental payment maintenance plans. These allow our patients to budget for their routine maintenance and spread the cost over a twelve month period.


We have several plans depending on the future care we think you will require. For instance, some of our patients with gum disease need more attention from the dental hygiene therapist and may require up to four visits a year with them. For others one visit to the dentist and one visit to the hygiene therapist is enough to keep on top of dental disease.


Occasionally you may need some restorative dental work or you may choose to have some cosmetic whitening or teeth straightening, for instance. In this situation you will always be given a separate estimate of the cost of having these treatments.


NHS vs Private Care


As a practice we made a decision to start to move away from NHS care for our adult patients who want it and provide our care without the restrictions that often come with NHS dental care. For these patients we are able to offer the most modern techniques and materials including time to prevent disease and this is why the dentists work closely with the dental hygiene therapists to ensure this.


It may seem at first that the cost of our care is more than NHS care but we feel that our preventive maintenance plans will save your money in the long run and ultimately will save your teeth!


Good dental health and good medical health go hand in hand and we can’t place too much emphasis on this. By keeping your teeth and gums healthy you can help manage other diseases such as diabetes and possibly heart disease.

Why join a Dental Plan?