A Family Run Dental Practice, Serving the Cheshire and Crewe Community for over 40 years. Offering Family Dentistry, Cosmetic Treatments, Smile Makeovers, Teeth Whitening,  White Patch and Brown Stain Removal, Teeth Straightening (Braces)

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Private Treatment Price List 2018

Examination & Diagnosis                                                    


Initial (30min inc. x-rays)                                                                   £75.00              

Routine  exam                                                                                    £40.00

Child's exam (if the parent is a patient at the practice)               FREE

Emergency appointment                                                                 £70.00

(inc. x-ray + temporary dressing)




Small                                                                                                    £5.00

Panoramic Large X-Ray                                                                   £25.00


Scal & Polish


Hygienist from                                                                                   £30.00            


Fillings from                                                                                     £40.00            


Inlays/Onlays from                                                                        £400.00        


Crowns from                                                                                     £400.00        


Veneers from                                                                                    £400.00        


Bridgework per tooth from                                                           £400.00        


Endodontics (root filling) from                                                       £150.00          


Dentures from                                                                                  £325.00        


Tooth Whitening from                                                                     £250.00        


Extractions from                                                                               £60.00          


Inman Aligner (orthodondontics) from                                          £995.00  


Invisalign (clear braces) from                                                       £1995.00

Dental Plan members receive two exam and scale appointments annually, with a further 20% reduction off any treatment.


See the Dental Care Plan leaflet or ask at reception for details.


Dental Plan – from £13.00 monthly fee


Hygienist only plan - £8.00 monthly fee


Dental Health Check  – Inclusive in plan

Scale and Polish – inclusive in plan

Small x-rays – Inclusive in plan


Emergency Appointment – Inclusive in plan


20 % off the cost of  private treatment.



The following prices are an example of the treatment prices available to  non plan patients